5 Features And Benefits Of Portable Carpet Cleaners

December 20, 2018

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Portable carpet cleaners are now much more powerful than they used to be and have the ability to handle cleaning jobs both large and small. These portable units are being used increasingly by carpet cleaning professionals as well as janitorial staff within schools and office buildings for thorough and efficient cleaning.

Carpet cleaning professionals tend to use truck mount carpet cleaning equipment due to the power of the truck mount unit and its ability to clean multiple surfaces effectively. However, there are situations that call for portable units, which is why an increasing number of cleaning professionals are investing in one. The following are some of the features and benefits:

1. The keyword to portable carpet cleaners is “portable,” which means it follows you as you clean. Most units nowadays are small and compact so they easily fit in narrow spaces and can be transported from area to area with ease. Wheels are attached to the unit to allow for easy manoeuvrability with casters or other components outfitted making stair climbing an easy task.

2. Most portable carpet cleaners are dual function, which means they expel the required amount of water solution to remove dirt and grime to then be extracted from the carpet through powerful suction. It is this suction that will determine how wet or dry the carpet is once the cleaning job is done. You want the carpet to be nearly dry in order to eliminate the need for an air mover or reduce the amount of time an air mover needs to be used.

3. The solution and waste tanks of portable carpet cleaners can hold substantial volumes of water so that cleaning procedures do not have to be halted too frequently. Having to cease cleaning too often in order to empty the waste tank and/or refill the solution tank can be time consuming.

4. Because portable units are made for jobs of all sizes, they are built to be durable and hard wearing. Waste and solution tanks are made from materials such as polyethylene and the wheels are chemical resistant. Of course, there are different materials that can be used to form the body and the components, all of which are durable and will not rust or corrode over time.

5. Portable carpet cleaners have the ability to clean more than just carpet. Just as truck mount systems can handle tile and grout, there are portable systems that can as well.

There are many features and benefits to portable carpet cleaners. The power, the amount of liquid they can carry, portability, durability, and the types of surfaces that can be cleaned are just some of the benefits. However, you may find that there are benefits that are unique to your situation and this can make a portable carpet cleaning machine a valuable investment.

5 Carpet Cleaning Methods to Consider

December 20, 2018

Cleaning Tips and Tools

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Opening a carpet cleaning business can be a very lucrative career move. All you need to do next is get your hands on the right machines, such as pressure washing equipment, truck mounted and portable carpet cleaning machines and commercial steam cleaners. The opportunities are endless once you have gear up with all the best tools. You can provide your customers a variety of services, including tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pressure washing. Consider specializing in water damage restoration, stain removal and grout cleaning as well.

Carpet cleaning is best performed with truck mounted machines, depending on the location. If you are entering into a multi-story building, then a portable carpet cleaner would suffice. There are multiple methods you can utilize to clean carpets. The following are five techniques that have been used over time.

Hot Water Extraction

Another name for this is steam cleaning. You can find great quality commercial carpet steam cleaners on Steam-Brite.com. This method requires you to spritz the carpet with a pre-spray, then agitate it using a machine with brushes or manually with a wand. Afterward, you hot water rinse the area to remove the soil and soap. The wand vacuums up the hot water that’s sprayed out in order to remove the pre-spray. You’ll need to determine whether the carpet is natural or synthetic, so that the proper solutions are utilized. Make sure to have air flow to help dry the carpets. This method uses a lot of water, so the carpets will be very wet. Fans can also help with drying times. A truck mounted carpet cleaning machine has a lot of suction and can help remove majority of the water from carpets.

Dry Compound

This consists of products that are 98 percent biodegradable. You spread this over the carpet in an even layer and then scrub or brush it in. The compound attracts dirt and grime, cleaning carpets immediately without water. For commercial applications, a cylindrical counter-rotating brush system is normally used.


This process emerged in the 1990s. It encapsulates or crystallizes soil particles, turning them into dry residue upon contact. In a sense, these act like tiny sponges, dissolving and then absorbing soil from the carpet before being removed. A cleaning solution is then applied using either a brush applicator, rotary machine or compression sprayer. The dry residue can be vacuumed up before the cleaning process begins.


In this method, you spray the surface of the carpet with a pre-spray, then scrub it in using a bonnet or round buffer. It uses a rotation motion, similar to a floor buffer. It features absorbent spin pads that attract soil, which is then rinsed repeatedly. Water is used during this process, and can take a considerable amount of time to dry. It’s important to note that this procedure only addresses the top third layer of the carpet. It’s a quick solution and isn’t recommended for deep cleaning, such as for removal of stains and odors.


This is the older method for cleaning carpets, which came about during the 1970s. This soon changed once encapsulation products and hot water extraction came to market. The shampoo consisted of coconut oil soaps, which create a foamy or sticky residue. This was a problem, since it attracts dirt and cause carpets to become dirty quickly. You rarely find this method being used anymore.

Regular Carpet Cleaning – A Must for Pollution-Free Indoor Air

December 20, 2018

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With carpets on the floor, the house looks inviting, warm and comfortable. Carpets enhance not only the look of the interiors; they also help reduce noise created by footsteps and are a good way of preventing accidents as they are slippery-resistant. Not to forget that they keep the house warm during the chilly cold winters.

For all the good that they do, the key factor to remember is that carpets need regular cleaning not only to keep their appearance intact, but also for health related reasons. Professional carpet cleaners are available mostly in all cities of the world that use different methods and techniques – modern and traditional – to cleanse the carpet of dirt stains, food stains and indoor air pollutants.

Similar to carpet cleaning, maintaining the upholstery is equally important. They are good breeding grounds for pollen, germs and bacteria and look bad when covered with food stains, dust and other blotches and blemishes.

Key reasons for hiring expert carpets and upholstery cleaning services

Cleaning the carpet and upholstered furniture is an essential activity that needs regular maintenance work. The basic work of removing dust can be done at home or office by vacuum cleaning but for restoring them to their normal healthy form, the carpet and the furniture need to go through professional carpets and upholstery cleaning services, once in a while.

Some of the main reasons why the carpet should be sent for regular carpet cleaning and servicing are:-

a. Cleaning of carpets help remove bad odor especially in homes where there are pets or small children. Using the conventional method of steam cleaning or hot water soil extraction cleaning, the carpets can be rendered free from the stink and the stench.

b. A routine carpet cleaning exercise helps remove dirt, debris and unwanted stains thereby making it look clean. With visitors at home and office, there would be no more embarrassing moments with unkempt and unclean carpets.

c. One of the main reasons for taking help of a professional carpet cleaner is to create a pollution-free indoor air. Well-maintained carpets are great means of absorbing harmful allergens present in the air. For young children and asthma patients, breathing can become an issue if the carpet has not been cleaned properly for some time. Dirty carpets are the ideal place for molds to multiply that has harmful effects on the respiratory system of the body. Dust, dust mites, feces of dust, bacteria, germs – all swarm in the soiled carpet making the indoor air more unwanted and unhygienic than the outdoor polluted environment. Residential carpet cleaning on a habitual basis addresses all the above issues with precision.

d. Another rationale behind home carpet cleaning is – cleaner the carpet, longer will be its duration. Hiring the services of a carpet cleaner is cheaper compared to buying and changing carpets on a customary basis. Good quality carpets come at a price. A well-maintained carpet looks as good as brand new and thus is a saving on the pocket.

Some of the benefits of cleaning the cushioned furniture are:

a. The couches and the padded sofas and chairs trap germs, bacteria and allergens effectively. They also are good absorbers of asthma causing dust and mites. Cleaning these help improve the quality of air in the living room and the office space.

b. With stains and other blemishes removed, the upholstered furniture becomes the perfect place to relax, chat up with friends and family and work more effectively.

It is prudent to take help from an expert carpet cleaning services provider as they possess the requisite knowledge and skills for providing effective home carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning services.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet Cleaning Services

December 20, 2018

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When it comes to carpet cleaning for your home, you can either choose to do it yourself or hire a carpet cleaning company. Cleaning the carpet on your own can be a daunting task, especially if the carpet is too large and dirty. Furthermore, you might be too busy to even think about cleaning it yourself. This leaves you with the only one option- looking for carpet cleaning services. Using professional carpet cleaning services basically helps in keeping your carpet new and increases its durability.

Below are some reasons why you should consider using professional carpet cleaning services.

1. It’s Fast and Efficient

You must have tried to clean the whole carpet yourself and swore how you will never waste your time doing it again. To be honest, carpet cleaning is a tough job. You can spend the entire weekend plus a part of your Monday morning still cleaning it. What’s even worse, you might not clean it as effectively as it should be.

With carpet cleaning services, all you have to do is to make a phone call and everything will be done in a few minutes, if not hours.

2. It’s Cost Effective

If you think that saving money by cleaning the carpet on your own can be a good option, then you are wrong. In fact, many homeowners end up incurring extra costs especially after damaging the carpet during the cleaning process. This is because they are unable to use the right products as well as the right cleaning technique. As you know, some cleaning agents can be harsh on the carpet material especially if not used in the right measurements.

3. It’s Convenient

Unlike in the past where you had to carry all your carpets to the carpet cleaning center, things are completely different today. Most cleaning companies offer door to door services to their esteemed customers. You simply set an appointment with them and they will get down to work within minutes. This means that you won’t have to make a lot of efforts to have your carpet washed.. Therefore, professional carpet cleaners are more convenient, thus saving you time and energy.

4. It’s Reliable

If you look at most carpet cleaning companies, you will find that they employee a good number of professionally trained employees. This ensures that they will be able to deal with any kind of emergency.

5. Offer Quality Services

Carpet cleaning services are not only fast and efficient, but also offer derive results in the desired manner. In this case, quality services mean use of high standard products and appropriate techniques to ensure that your carpet is cleaned from dirt and other substances. Since your carpet is being handled by high quality professionals, you are guaranteed for having exemplary services.

It’s good to know that regular cleaning ensures that the carpet maintains its charm and also enjoys a longer lifespan. Professional cleaning services is reliable and cost-effective. Furthermore, using professional carpet cleaners can ensures that you get the best results possible for a clean carpet.

So, make your home a healthier place by using professional carpet cleaners at all times. Make your carpet stand out and give your house a unique look.

Some Tips in Choosing the Finest Carpet Cleaner

December 20, 2018

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Carpets are heavy fabrics used as floor covering at home and offices. They may increase a lot to the good looks of your home if kept sanitary clean and notably luxurious. Keeping the carpet sanitary before was not easy to do, until the invention of several carpet cleaners. Nowadays, there are various models of carpet cleaner which can be of great help in cleaning the carpet. Available models of the cleaner include extraction cleaner, dry cleaner, carpet sprayer and steam cleaner. The kind of cleaner to be chosen greatly depends on the extent of the work and the depth of the dirt that penetrated into the carpet.

Extraction cleaners are type of carpet cleaners that involve the drenching of the carpet with water and cleansing solution. Once the cleaning solution infiltrates deeply into the fibers of the carpet, the solution is removed back to the cleaner by means of the vacuum system. This process is highly successful however; it utilizes a big amount of water and keeps the carpet thoroughly soaked up to twenty four hours. This kind of cleaner is highly recommended for intense clean-up of deeply soiled locations on irregular basis because of the quantity of task involved and size of the device.

Dry cleaners are small and compact carpet cleaners that utilize less amount of water. These kinds of carpets are often utilized by persons who want to walk immediately on their carpets after cleaning. Similar to steam cleaners, it is very useful in the removal of surface dusts and dirt only. Due to its size and simplicity to use, it is very effective in shampooing the entire house within one small cleaning spree which includes hardwood flooring.

Carpet sprayers are cleaning devices that resemble chemical sprayers utilized in services of pest control. They consist of little cistern filled with chemical solution and hose having a sprayer accessory. The cleansing solution is being left in the dirty area within a fixed duration of time, and then it is rinsed, or the second application is being applied. These styles of carpet cleaners are primarily used in the removal of heavy stains or in the cleaning of elevated traffic areas.

Steam cleaners are commonly found in several households as usual vacuum cleaners. These styles of cleaners are easy to utilize, because you can be able to do the shampooing of the carpets in the whole house within one time only. A small tank is filled with warm water and a cleansing solution is mixed into the water. The cleaner utilizes rotating brushes as well as the cleansing solution in extracting dusts from the rugs. The dirt is then poured out in the separate portion of the container.

10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

December 20, 2018

Cleaning Tips and Tools

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The tips given in this article, if implemented, will help you clean your carpets the right way. They will help you protect your carpet fibers from extreme wear and tear. As result, they will stand the test of time. Let’s check 10 tips that can help you out.

Regular vacuuming

If you don’t have a busy schedule, you can vacuum on a weekly basis. However, if you have kids and pets, make sure you vacuum on a daily basis. This practice will keep your carpets in great condition as they won’t have soil and dust on them. These two elements are responsible for destroying the carpet fiber.

Dealing with spills

If you have no homemade stain remover, you can use paper towels to deal with the spills.


Rubbing the stains will make it harder for you to remove them later on. Therefore, make sure you blot them as soon as you can. Vigorous rubbing will spread the stains further.

Removing Candle wax

Another element that may cause wear and tear is the candle wax. It’s not a good idea to use scissors to remove the colored wax. Instead, you should use a blunt knife to remove the wax. Alternatively, you can place some paper towels on the wax and then run an iron over it. That’s the easiest way of dealing with the candle wax.

Stain remover

You can make your own stain remover. For instance, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and baking powder. Professional carpet cleaners sell stain removers that are safe and effective. Make sure you use a good quality product.

Excessive use of water

If you want to rent a cleaning machine, make sure you don’t use too much water. It’s better if you use water sparingly. Proper ventilation is also required. Carpets that are too wet tend to shrink and produce terrible odor.

Quality mats

Do you take your shoes off before entering your house? If you don’t, make sure you place good quality mats outside your main doors. Although it is a simple practice, it will keep your carpets safe from dirt and grime.

Fiber identification

Generally, synthetic carpets are stronger than the rugs, oriental or wool carpets. If you own wool-based carpets, we suggest that you don’t use a rental machine or rug doctor. This practice may cause a good deal of damage to your carpets.

Professional cleaning

If you have your carpets cleaned by a professional, you can extend their lifespan in addition to save yourself a lot of money. Moreover, professional cleaning will make your carpets look great at all times. Regular cleaning will also improve the quality of air in your house.

Carpet protector

With quality carpet protectors, you can protect your rugs against the stains and spills. They will also make it easier for you to remove stains. In addition, protectors will make it easier for you to keep dry soil away from the fibers.

In short, if you want to protect your carpets and clean them the right way, make sure you follow the tips given in this article.